Monday Morning Denial Bio

Drawing by Ellen Gabehart

Monday Morning Denial is an acoustic duo featuring husband-and-wife songwriting team Kate Downing and Nathan Moore. They craft “underdog folk” songs that champion the struggles of everyday people to make the world a better place.

Since 2007, Kate and Nathan have also been the main songwriters in the Eugene, Oregon-based folk band Low Tide Drifters.  They began playing shows as Monday Morning Denial in 2015 and released “Scoundrels That We Are,” a 5-song EP that is available for free download via Bandcamp.

Whether singing about working-class history, the Pacific Northwest, parenthood, or any number of other subjects, Kate and Nathan believe that folk music should always put forth the question that Florence Reece asked in 1931 when she penned her classic labor song–that is, “Which Side Are You On?”



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  1. Looking forward to more great music and incisive political commentary from Monday Morning Denial!


  2. Marie and Roger

    Kate and Nathan, just listened to your debut EP on bandcamp … good stuff, proud of you both!


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